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Programmable Rotary Dial Indexer

Rotary Indexer - Progammable Indexing

The Kwik-Dex programmable indexer is used to streamline your production by indexing parts to the marking area of the marker. This allows an operator to load/unload the dial while the machine is marking. Make your own dial or order from us.

Unlike a “generic” solution, this system includes an integrated clamp at the marking position. This means simpler fixturing requiring just a support to hold your parts during the index.


Important Features

Ideal for families of products (quick changeover)
Pre Programmed. Just set the number of stops
No controller needed. Driven from marker’s own software
Fits onto optional T Slot table
Built in pneumatic clamp at marking station
Ergonomic operation
No wiring required. Just one cord connection
Built in home sensor and routine

Indexing - Indexer

Industrial Marking Product Brochure in Acrobat PDF download


Download Kwik-Dex product information in Acrobat PDF format



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