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Standard Kwikpro Dot Pin Impact Marking Software Features

Every Kwikmark machine comes with easy-to-use Kwikpro software. The 12 key touchpad controls all machine and software functions.

Dot Peen Marking Machine
Feature Overview:

Quick job setup
Multi level serializing function
Hundreds of date coding combinations
Combine line styles & line types
Angular text mode
Arc text w/ infinite radius values
Multiple lines within file
Multiple font styles
Unlimited font size

Industrial Marking Product Brochure in Acrobat PDF download

Download Kwikpro Software Highlights in PDF format.


Kwikpro Software Highlights

Angular Text

Line styles and line types can be combined to create virtually any type of identification mark. Logos and graphics may also be included.

Date and Time Stamping

The simple and powerful date/time code function allows you to format hundreds of date code combinations. Alpha-numeric characters may be added anywhere within the code.

Clear Obstructions

Move commands may be used to clear obstructions by controlling the toolpath.

Step and Repeat Functions

Fixture files for step and repeat applications streamline marking multiple parts in rows and columns.

Trace Rectangle

The convenient outline function traces a rectangle outlining the text that will be marked on the part, to assist initial lineup.

Flash Card

The onboard control system features dual memory including a convenient and removable compact flash card which stores all of the user files including setup and executables.

Homing and Origin Routines

One button homing and origin routines are included on the 12-key touchpad to streamline machine setup and initializing.

Look Ahead Motion Technology

The powerful look-ahead motion technology algorithms maximize machine performance.

Tip Speed Algorithms

Exact tip speed algorithms result in consistent tool marks and smoother machine operation at any speed.

Constand Surface Speed

Constant surface speed when marking cylindrical objects is achieved automatically by processing the diameter value with the vector velocity.


Unlimited font size is attainable because all fonts are vectors. No marking degredation occurs when marking extremely large or small text heights.

Import graphics and logos. The Kwikpro software directly reads G-code. The optional Software Suite allows importing .plt and .dxf files also.

Rotary axis support allows marking around cylindrical parts and with the optional Software Suite, on flats of multiple sided parts such as hex pieces.

The coordinate translation function is a powerful feature that may be used to rotate an image prior to marking on a part that is fixtured at an angle or is a complex geometry.

The Express Text function. Just press F1 on the keyboard, begin typing then press one button to mark your part! This feature requires no setup time or file saving.

Also available...

Windows Software Suite
The optional Software Suite includes a graphical interface and powerful tools for importing (& editing) CAD type files for marking graphics as well as 2-D data matrix bar code. Dozens of other functions are included. Learn more »





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