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Conveyor Systems

RC Conveyor - Roller Conveyor System Part MarkingAutomated Marking with Roller Conveyor

The RC conveyor system features an extremely modular design with a dual chain drive and steel roller attachments to accommodate a large variety of products.

This system is great for applications that require frequent changeover of products.

The KwikMark marker(s) may be positioned anywhere along the length to control input/output accumulation requirements.

The convenient T-slot framework may be used to mount other stations such as inspection, testing, assembly, etc.

Ideal for Heavy Products

The conveyor rollers (7/8” diameter) are spaced 1” apart to allow accurately transporting parts as narrow as ½” wide x 2” long and up to 12” wide x 24” long x 3” thick. Weight capacity up to 2000 lbs. Ideal for round, flat and non uniform shapes too.

Just load your product from the end or top. Everything is automatic.

One fixed and one infinitely adjustable rail takes seconds to setup requiring no tools. Length shown is 12 ft. Available in other lengths and widths.


Includes All Sensors,
Stops, Clamps, Logic

The built in pneumatic stops are automatically controlled by the marker and require no programming.

Our unique multi-point clamping is done thru the low profile guide rail and will conform to products of virtually any geometry.

A safety E-Stop pull cord is included at the periphery of the conveyor. If activated, the marking cycle will only pause to “save” the part and allow resuming later.

Dual Dot Peen Kwikmark Markers with Conveyor

An upclose look at the conveyor with two Kwikmark Dot Peen Markers.

Industrial Marking Product Brochure in Acrobat PDF download


Download RC Conveyor product information in Acrobat PDF format



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