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Dot Peen Marking Machine Accessories

For specialized dot peen marking applications, Kwikmark offers a range of accessories for our Dot Peen Marking Machine.

KwikTurn Rotary Fixture - Round or Cylindrical Metal Part Marking

KwikTurn Rotary Fixture

The KwikTurn rotary fixture is ideal for marking around cylindrical or multi sided parts.

Kwik-Turn Angular and Tapered Part Marking

KwikTurn Sine Attachment

This pivot attachment mounts under the KwikTurn headstock to provide infinite angular adjustment between 0-90 degrees.

KwikTurn - Kwik Turn 5C Ring, Tube and Flange Part Marking

KwikTurn 5-C

Features a precision ground spindle with oversized 45mm bearings and accepts industry standard 5-C collets, or the optional 6 inch, 3 jaw chuck. Complete with 1 meter long base and spring loaded tailstock.

Marking Vise - Nameplate and Name Tag Marking

KM Mini-Vise

The Mini-Vise is designed to streamline your nameplate and tag marking operation using a precision vise that supports and gently clamps and holds down your product during the marking operation.

Kwik-Chuck Vacuum Table for Nameplate and Name Tag Marking


The Kwik-Chuck KC-64 system is designed to streamline your nameplate and tag marking operation using self generating vacuum to hold down & flatten products during the marking operation.

Sound and Noise Protection


The Sound Cart is designed to minimize noise, add operator protection, while providing easy access for machine loading and service.

Tag Feeder - Mark Metal Tags - Kwikmark Tag Master 64

Tag Master 64

The Tag Master Series is a modular tag feeding device developed for the Kwik Mark dot peen marker. This system will automatically shuttle one tag (from a vertical stack) and position it under the marking head. The tag is “locked down” during the marking cycle.

Portable Stand for Kwikmark Marker


Take your Kwikmark portable! Aluminum frame construction. Mounts standard Kwikmark marking head. Adjustable foot positions to accommodate most support applications. Full lengthT-Slot legs simplify adding custom pads, clamps, magnets, etc.

Kwikdex - KwikDex - Kwik-Dex - Kwik Dial


Programmable Dial Indexer. The KwikDex programmable indexer is used to streamline your production by indexing parts to the marking area of the marker. This allows an operator to load/unload the dial while the machine is marking. Make your own dial or order from us.


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