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Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

Robotic Dispensing System

Robots to Dispense Fluids

The EZ Robot will automate that tedious manual dispensing operation with a streamlined, fast and fully automatic process that you will be proud to bring to your production floor. The system is designed to automatically dispense a variety of materials including adhesives, pastes, grease, sealant, epoxies, etc. from virtually any type of valve or syringe.

A Logical Design

High Speed Fluid Dispensing MachinesThe system features a unique built-in high speed X-Y-Z slide system which moves and positions the dispense head over your product following any path. This means your parts remain stationary. Because your parts do not move, extremely fast machine cycles are possible without disrupting the dispensed fluid. Thus fixturing becomes simpler and your parts may be automatically indexed or conveyed into position. Ideal for new or existing automation applications. A universal mount and quick connect for any valve, syringe, or nozzle to suit virtually any application.


Important Features

Built-in digital valve controller with early shut-off and digital timers
EZ Robot automates tedious manual dispensing
Smooth & fast continuous motion paths
"Look ahead" technology
Electronic fixturing
Generous work area
No PC required

Robotic Fluid Dispensing - Consistent Beads

Beautiful, consistent beads regardless of the path geometry. Early shut-off and digital timer close path with minimal "blob."

Kwikmark Fluid Dispenser - Fluid Dispensing Systems - Benchtop Dispensers

Industrial Marking Product Brochure in Acrobat PDF download

KM Dispensing Brochure.pdf

Download Robotic Fluid Dispensing product information in Acrobat PDF format




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